Works Applications interview experience

Works Applications is an Japanese ERP based software company with offices in Japan, Singapore, China, USA and India. Its one of the hottest startup to come out of Japan in the recent years, and their products are used by more than 1/3rd of the whole Japanese companies. They have been existence for more than 10 years and have annual revenues of more than $2.37 trillion!

For the past couple of years, they regualrly visit colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITS, UOH and various other universities, and recruits around 50 students from the whole of India for their Singapore office. They pay a fixed handsome annual package of 6,000,000 JPY! If you are good with programming, I would recommend you to apply. They do not even have any eligibility criteria! I shall be detailing my interview experience with them, without revealing too much about the interview process.

If Works Applications will visit your college, you can apply on-campus. If not, check out their Facebook page, and register offcampus when recruitemt in India starts. Even though Works Applications visits my college, I registered online when recruitment in India started. I received an email from them saying that I shall receive more details when their recruitment schedule is fixed. After a couple of weeks I received another email detailing their recruitment process.

There was an initial coding test which I needed to pass to get selected for interviews. This coding test was to be conducted in 4 weeks, and I could select any one of the week to do the test. I choose one of the week for my coding test, and when the week arrived, I received my test. There were 2 questions, which were to be solved using either C++ or Java in 5 days. I coded my solution and submitted it online. One thing to remember is that you are competiting again the whole of India, and hence your programs should run as fast as possible, even in the worst case. As far as I’m concerned, this was the hardest stage to clear.

I didn’t hear anything from them for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, they also visited my college and conducted the coding test. Since I had submitted my test earlier, I was not eligible for further tests. Another few weeks passed by, and one day I received an email from them congratulating me for getting selected for interviews, and asking me to schedule my interviews. I had heard that they shall reimburse your expenses in getting to the interview locations, but since my interview location was so close to me, there wasn’t any need of reimbursement for me.

My interviews were scheduled for 10 in the morning, but I was already at the location by 9. I was asked to submit my resume. At 10, my first live coding round started. I introduced myself and gave some details regarding my internship experience and the projects I had done. The interviewer then gave me my first question. It was a modification of the code I had submitted online. I was given a computer to code my solution, and the interviewer was watching every line I type through another computer. It was quite a simple program and I completed it with ease. The interviewer then gave my second question. I started off with a bruteforce approach and then optimized it later. Once my 45 minutes were up, I was asked to wait.

Later I was informed that I had passed the interview and shall soon have my second live coding round. Meanwhile more and more students were coming and having their interviews. In my second live coding round, me and my interviewer got into a nice chat. We talked about Japanese and Indian cultures, and about the cultural diversity in their offices along with its pros and cons! The interviewer then gave me a problem to solve. It wasn’t much diffcult and I again solved it with ease. The interviewer then asked me to check for edge cases, and I had missed one! I edited my program to fix it. Interviewer seemed satisfied with my solution, and asked me to wait.

Later I was informed that I had passed the interview and shall be having an aptitude test soon. I had 30 questions to be solved in 50 minutes. If you have ample experience in solving basic maths and quant-like questions, this test shall be quite easy. It was easy for me too, and I was informed later that I had passed the test and shall have the HR interview soon.

During the HR interview, I was asked some typical HR questions and we had a nice chat about Works Applications and what they do. (To those who wish to appear for Works Applications interviews, I would recommend you to learn a bit about the company and their products. It would help in having a smooth interview). We also talked a bit about the Indian and Japanese cultures. At the end of the interview, the HR manager congratulated me and handed me my offer letter! Yes! I got selected into Works Applications.


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