MapR Technologies interview experience

MapR Technologies is one of the leaders in Apache Hadoop, along with Cloudera and Horton Works, based in San Jose, USA. MapR allows you to do more with Hadoop by combining it with various architectural innovations. MapR platform not only provides enterprise-grade features such as high availability, disaster recovery, security, and full data protection but also allows Hadoop to be easily accessed as traditional network attached storage (NAS) with read-write capabilities.

It was quite a surprise for me to hear that MapR was coming to my college to recruit interns, They needed 1 or 2 interns to work in their Hyderabad office. And the most interesting thing was they had never hired interns in India before, which means if selected, he/she shall become the first intern in their Indian office!

Unfortunately the day they came was the day I was going home. I had already booked my tickets. But they allowed me to be interviewed first, so that I won’t be late. The first interview started off with a nice introduction about me. Then came the first question – Merge two sorted linked lists. Pretty easy, and I did it in O(n) and accounted for all the edge cases. Interviewer was satisifed and we moved on to the next question, the traditional producer consumer problem. Though I did get it right, the program could have been optimized using condition variables. The next question was a system design question relating to databases and file systems, which I was not able to answer satisfiably owing to my lack of experience in scaling. But I was given a take-home test, which I was supposed to complete within a couple of hours.

My next interviewer drilled me in various data structures like stack, queues, trees, hash tables in relation with system design. (Its been a year since I was interviewed, and owing to the fact that I was asked too much questions, I’m unable to recall most of them). In both the interviews, the emphasis was on data structures and strong programming skills in C in relation with system design. Once the interviews were over, I went back to my hostel. I completed my take-home test and mailed it to them. On my way home, I got the call. Yes! I had been selected into MapR Technologies!


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